Education and Intelligence accomplish nothing without “ACTION”

Have you ever imagined, we know all the rights thighs which should be done but still we fail to accomplish the things we like. Have you ever imagined why?

motivational-124hIt does not matter if you have a genius IQ and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, you cannot change anything or make any real world progress without taking action. A great plan without “action” does not matter. There is huge difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing it. Knowledge and intelligence are both useless without action. It’s as simple as that.



Some of the smart people think they got highest education based on their intelligence now everything will fall into right place but this is not going to work. Action can live without education and intelligence but the other way around does not happen. I mean to say if you have less education and intelligence you can succeed to some extend but if you have deficiency of action you never goanna make it.    mot103v 

So guys think over it and act accordingly. I think you guys deserver a little attention and action. Good luck and good bye.  Smile


Why I need a website?

Why I need a website? This is the question most of the people ask to themselves. By the way I ask you why not?

You believe or not everything around us is moving in a fast pace towards web. Your web presence is very much essential to stay connected to everybody else. A website is the only way to be present at every corner of the world, all the time. This gives you the power to be omnipresent (something similar to GOD).

Whenever anybody needs what you have to offer, you will be there for them. This is the way to be in ones favorite list. Your presence will increase their faith in your services.

Type of websites

  1. Personal websites

These websites are best for individuals. This will be your platform. No one will be here to censor your thoughts. You can be yourself. This is the best way to represent you to the world.

Some examples of personal websites:

2. Commercial websites:

These websites are used for commercial purpose. You need these to promote your businesses. This is the best way to showcase your services. You can also use these websites to sell your products and services. There are various sub categories of commercial websites (will discuss in my upcoming blog).

Some examples of commercial websites:

Now I guess you also like to have a website of your own. But don’t rush. You need proper guidance before going live. So ask me what is best for you.